Opinion – Neutralising terrorists with terrorists!

The movie ‘Haider’ shows this as a reality – that the Indian Army recruits and trains a group of terrorists who would neutralise the real terrorists. The recent comments of Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar of using the same strategy evoked a debate on the issue. This is being supported on the grounds that “a thorn should be removed from a leg with another thorn”. Well I feel it is an outdated saying that doesn’t fare well in the modern world, because it is not a raw thorn that should be used, but rather a sterilised pair of tweezers or some medical equipment of the sorts, to remove the thorn stuck in the leg. It is the task of a well trained medical practitioner to remove the thorn using the appropriate safe medical equipment so as to not inflict new wounds/infections by using another raw thorn.

Keeping the euphemism aside, it is not terrorists who should be used to neutralise terrorists. Terrorists by their very nature do not owe allegiance to anyone nor can they be controlled by anyone. A classic example to demonstrate the same is the present situation of Pakistan. Long had it been using terrorism as a tool against India, only to be self-inflicted with more wounds than the damage it had caused to India. A superpower like USA is also not above a similar fate, when it had once “allegedly” supported the Talibans of Afghanistan. The Salwa Judum is yet another such example in our own country. It had inflicted more wounds than the problems that it solved. The Supreme Court ruled that it is in violation of articles 14 and 21, and gross neglect of fundamental rights of the people. India cannot afford to ignore some such important lessons that history had taught us and cannot even think of tolerating terrorism in any form. How to handle terrorism is a topic for another discussion and answers to which are not difficult to be found. “Terrorism” is certainly not one of them.


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