Saikanth Varma’s Notes

Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not going to share my notes. Not now, not ever. And I have a strong reason to do so. I truly believe that one’s notes is extremely personal. Not in the literal sense, but what I mean is that one’s notes is the world only to him/her. But for others, it is nothing but a collection of random keywords lacking coherence with incomplete analysis and may even contain several mistakes.

I have a theory that studying another person’s notes can be a recipe for a disaster. Let me explain. For example, consider the notes of current affairs. The original source for everyone would be the newspapers. Now one would read the newspapers, try to understand the issue and then make notes. Suppose the content in newspapers is 100%. Then by human nature, only 80% (say) can be understood/grasped by an individual. Of this, only 80% would be written in the notes (this number of 80% in reality is extremely high). So that means, one’s notes would contain only 80% of 80%, which would be 64% of the original content. And now you read from that 64% – you learn 80% of it and write 80% of that in the exam, which comes to 41% (approximately). In the exam, even if you write a perfect answer, at best, you’d get not more than 50% of the marks. In that sense for such a 41% answer you’ll get 20% of the marks allotted to the question. Do that for all the questions and you can kiss your chances of clearing the exam good bye.

In addition, you’ll also be learning the person’s mistakes or misunderstandings of concepts.

Some aspirants have asked me to share my notes at least as a reference to understand how to make notes. I think Gaurav Agarwal’s notes can serve as such a pointer. Remember that notes is an individual thing and there is no right way or wrong way of making notes, so long as it is convenient for you to revise. By the way, I made my notes online on Google Docs which made it easy to edit.

Its my strong advice to all the aspirants to take no short cuts but rely on “your own notes”, as the notes making in itself is a strong learning exercise.


2 thoughts on “Saikanth Varma’s Notes

  1. Dear Saikanth,

    Kindly ask Mr. Mohammad Roshan for his Anthropology Strategy. Eagerly waiting for this. Kindly ask him to share his marks as well.


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