Strategy For Medical Science as an Optional – by Dr. Khushaal Yadav, AIR 28

Unravelling CSE

At the outset,  let me warn the readers that I am no authority on Medical Sciences or CSE. Blindly aping could be potentially disastrous !

Having said that, I feel that some of my experiences and resources could be helpful to other aspirants. These would be instrumental in reducing the information asymmetry and consequently a great deal of anxiety. Since, this was my first attempt. My preparation was sub optimal. Time was of essence and I had to prioritize. This article is not about ‘taming’ the Med. Sc. but rather dealing with the vast syllabus in a couple of months.

My decision to take up Med. Sc was a tough one.

No readymade material, No coaching, No test series.

It was mostly one of “exclusion“. After having exhausted Pub Ad, Pali, and similar other worthy subjects I thought it was better to deal with the…

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