Preparing for GS Paper III – Remaining Topics

Most of this paper deals with current affairs and thus the most important sources are the newspapers and magazines like frontline, downtoearth and selected and relevant issues of Yojana and Kurukshetra. Apart from this, I have also relied on the material of “the-most-famous-test-series-of-Delhi”, which I got from one of my friends for certain specific topics.

Before venturing into the details of various sources for various topics in this paper, here is a special word on “How to prepare for Science and Technology (S&T) part?”.

Science and Technology

I have observed that UPSC is not keen on asking questions which are purely research oriented, instead she is keen on asking questions which are general in nature. Thus, the key to this area would be to keep an eye on the S&T aspects of all the recent developments. To give you an idea, some of the S&T topics that I have prepared on were: The Ice Bucket Challenge, which went viral on social media, to promote the awareness and funding for the research of a disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which I have studied from the internet; the e-Cigarettes as there was a debate on its safety on the downtoearth magazine;  3D Holographic Projection as Narendra Modi had used it for the first time for election campaigning and also because of the release of a 3D holographic projection video of Michael Jackson’s “Slave to the Rhythm” song; Ebola which broke out in West Africa last year. And within the S&T part, anything that deals with diseases and drugs are extremely important. Although I may not be able to measure the extent to which this strategy of mine had worked in the exam, as there were hardly any questions from this area last year, I feel this is an important basic strategy that an aspirant must adopt. This was something which Gaurav Agarwal had also proposed in his blog. On top of this, one may adopt a supplementary strategy, like referring to any S&T material of a coaching institute, if she feels the need for it.


Same as what I have mentioned in my interview on Mrunal.

Topic How Did You Prepare?
Indian economy, resource mobilization No special preparation apart from Newspapers
inclusive growth No special preparation apart from Newspapers
budgeting Covered the definitions of various terms in Economic Survey and Budget
major crops, irrigation NCERT and Internet
agro produce – storage, marketing Material of “the-most-famous-test-series-of-Delhi”
e-technology for famers No special preparation apart from Newspapers
farm subsidies, MSP No special preparation apart from Newspapers
PDS, buffer, food security Yojana
technology mission No special preparation apart from Newspapers
animal rearing economics Covered basics from Agriculture Annual Report
food processing Kurukshetra edition on Agri-Industries
land reforms Studied in History part + Newspapers (LARR Act)
liberalization No special preparation apart from Newspapers
infra No special preparation apart from Newspapers
investment models Material of “the-most-famous-test-series-of-Delhi”
science-tech day to day life Newspapers – special focus on diseases, drugs etc.
Indian achievements in sci-tech Newspapers
awareness in IT, space, biotech, nano, IPR IPR – Recent developments and contentious provisions of Patents Act
environmental impact assessment Shankar IAS Book
Disaster Management IGNOU Material + World Focus (edition on DM)
non state actors, internal security No special preparation apart from Newspapers
internal security – role of media, social networking site No special preparation apart from Newspapers
cyber security No special preparation apart from Newspapers
money laundering No special preparation apart from Newspapers
border  Management No special preparation apart from Newspapers
organized crime, terrorism No special preparation apart from Newspapers
security agencies- structure mandate Briefly covered from Wikipedia

With this post, I have covered all the topics related to the Civil Services Examination. In case you want me to write a post on any particular topic that I have not covered earlier, please mention it in the comments section.


55 thoughts on “Preparing for GS Paper III – Remaining Topics

  1. @Saikanth Anna..
    Anna konchem mee Friend Mohd.Roshan gaarini “Anthro Strategy part -2” post (in this blog) cheyamanagalara..?
    Thanks Anna take care…


  2. Sykobanerises rocks! Happy independence day…sir.
    All the best for your future endeavours and services to mother India.Every indian would be previleged to be served by a selfless civil servant like you..


  3. First of all THANK YOU so much for your co – operation.I have only 1 question to ask you that u talk about famous test series material means they have particularly diffrent notes for specific topics or all they include under current affairs moduels.


  4. Sir can you please write an article on how to read reports, I referred guarav agarwal sir blog but you please write a strategy because your writing is simple and easy understanding. Thank you


    • To begin with, that should suffice. Beyond that it is better that you read more from online sources like wiki by referring to the pictures. Because looking at pictures will make it easier for you to remember.


  5. Sir i am thinking to take maths as my optional .I wanted know what exactly you read . i mean books institues or anything . And i guess u saw the question paper what you felt like your preparation is enough or anything you wanted extra to read for us ?


  6. Hello Anna geography lo maps,dams,roads,national parks ela guruthupatali?
    chala unai maps e place important and ela guess cheyali anna?
    Anna e year telugu language tho evarina exam clear chesara unta valla stragey cheputara?


  7. Hello sir first congrats for your success .
    I have few queries regarding the preparation can you please guide me sir.
    1) My attempt is for 2016 when should I buy shanker ias material ? Will they print new material for 2016 exam or should I buy which is exciting in the market?
    2) Sir what’s your opinion on vision ias their test series and their material?


  8. Hello brother, this one is different question. Brother can you please tell me the role of friends in your preparation? Did you have any gang? How are they useful?
    Brother did you use what’s app and Facebook in your preparation what is their role?

    But brother your blog is just awesome! Best of luck for future endeavors!!


    • Friends have been an important part of my journey. I used to hangout with them whenever my spirits were low and they would reinstate my lost confidence.
      I have not used Facebook and I have used WhatsApp to have a few discussions with Mohd. Roshan (AIR 44) on various topics during interview preparation stage.
      Glad that you’ve liked the blog, thank you and all the best! 🙂


  9. Hello sir,meeru mrunal lo cheparu syllabus cover cheyadamu important than death ani topic Alana cheyala lekhapotha koni mataramuna?
    Anna spectrum for modern history better a lekhapotha bipin chandra struggle for independence chadavali edhi better?


  10. Hellos sir,
    For world history is it necessary to go through the 11th class ncert (new) or 9 th and 10th is enough? Please tell me which ncert u followed?
    Friday edition of hindu (art and culture) is it important are should I skip it?

    Thanks in advance


  11. Hello sir if i start from September will it be enough for giving next year prelims ? Can you please tell me dos and donts ? And what is best time to complete the core syllabus?(month)


  12. Sir , For GS-4 do we just need to get acquainted to all the concepts, their whereabouts etc. or we should have some semi cooked answers as well. Please if you could elaborate giving an example, that would be really helpful.

    Also, its my first attempt, so i am in a dilemma as to how to divide the remaining time so that everything gets covered well in time?


    • Like I’ve already mentioned, my strategy is to cover the whole syllabus. But it doesn’t mean knowing things peripherally as the questions in the exam would not be direct (very unlikely). Things should be covered at reasonable depth – at least to the extent covered in newspapers. Striking a balance is the key, with a bit more leaning towards covering all the topics. Hope this helps. All the best!


  13. One very important thing many aspirants didn’t aware is, Time table.

    When i started my civil services exam preparation, like any aspirant, i read and watch a lot of ias toppers interview, I have learned a lot from them. But one thing i have noticed, anyone of them never talked about importance of Daily timetable for ias preparation.


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