Adios amigos!


I had started this blog as a hobby of mine to publish my opinions and analyses of various on-going issues. But then soon after the Civil Services Examination, 2014 results were announced on 4th July, 2015, I had transformed this blog into a platform to guide the civil services examination aspirants and answer their queries.

I attribute a majority of my modest success in the Civil Services Examination, 2014 to the previous year rankers, who were kind enough to share their experiences and wisdom about the exam. All I did was emulate them, of course only at appropriate places. A special mention to Gaurav Agarwal who did an unparalleled service to the next gen aspirants with his incredible blog, thesupermanreturns. You, sir, are truly my superman!! After clearing this exam, I felt that it is my responsibility to continue the legacy and usher in the next gen aspirants. I had poured in all my experiences into this blog and tried to respond to each and every query that had been posted.

Today, I have finally decided to officially end this blog. I shall not write any more posts on this blog. However, I will try and continue to respond to your queries, during my leisure time. But given that my training starts in a couple of days, I am not very sure if I’ll have enough time to respond to all queries swiftly.

I thank all my fellow rankers who were kind enough to share their strategies of various optional subjects. Also, please do check out the unravellingcse blog, which has been a joint initiative of the 2015 CSE rankers.

With best wishes,

C M Saikanth Varma IAS


28 thoughts on “Adios amigos!

  1. Hi Varma, thanks for your blog and guidance. Wanted to know why you did not choose Analogue for GS coaching?, Is it not at par or any other reason?. Thanks for your reply in advance


  2. I am afraid that you will post this message but good things will come to an end. Any of my friends ask me the doubts about civil service the first name which strikes on my mind is saikanth varma and sukobanerises.
    Thanks brother for all your effort, you have answered all my queries. All the best for future endeavors

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  3. Saikanth, could you suggest me some good institutes to take test series for General Studies, Essay and Public Administration? For Preliminary, as well. I’m from Hyderabad. Thanks.


    • GS+Essay – try Sri Chaitanya and vision (started in Hyd). Pub ad, I don’t know. For prelims you need not join any test series, you can simply buy the question papers from Vikas bookstore and solve them. All the best!


  4. Hello sir first congrats for your success
    Sir when you first started did you write?you had full points for the answers?(I wrote my test but I not having full points for the answers)
    Brother did you make targets daily, weekly and monthly did you accomplish those targets with out fail? Or when you did not what did you do?
    Brother and finally got your first day in academy?😃


  5. Hello sir,first of all HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS and all the best for your training… nice of you sir that you shared credits for your success to previous years toppers.Sir,iam planning to give my attempt in 2017.iam currently pursuing B.A.3 rd year from Sri Chaitanya IAS academy. (I guess you might be knowing).I completed reading all basic books,I recently started answer writing practice…my query is whether to go to Delhi or not? and I feel that iam not studying in an organized manner….could you please help me out…and can you tell me how my approach should be for the next 2 years? Thank you sir


    • You need not go to Delhi at all and I’m a prime example for that. I went to Delhi only once that too to give my upsc interview. The plan and being organised is something that only you can do. All the best.


  6. Thank you so much sir…please continue this blog.It is surely a boon to many aspirants… Anyway you have done a great job like Roman Saini sir,Gaurav sir…..kudos to you and all the very best sir….


  7. Hello Anna ,I have joined rc reddy ias institute .I have 2 problems presently can you please clarify them
    1)I am referring Karim sir notes for ancient and medieval history for prelims.I have 1 doubt should I read ancient and medieval history for mains or should I skip it for mains as mains syllabus mentions only culture what is the stratgey?
    2)As you are ex student out here.Here Krishna reddy classes for polity is miserable till now I have attended 13 class I feel it is utter waste. Now my query will his notes useful at any course of time in any aspect of mains and prelims? Should I prepare my notes ?

    Thanks in advance


  8. i work hard more but i m lack of confidence..even a single person who ask me a simple i cannot gave them right answer.infact just sometime i rember that answer very well there any chance of my sucess in civilservice exam??


  9. Hello sir,
    I just wanted to ask if you underlined important stuff in your answers. If yes, how did you do it, i.e. after finishing the entire paper or underlined important stuff as you moved along.


  10. Hello sir I have query in writing an easy. How to start an essay in structure manner. Did you make a mind map before starting an essay?


  11. Hello sir , I have some doubt regard to answering for maths subject.
    Should we have to add conclusion in end of the answer in mains for maths subject or simple solve the example?


  12. hello Mr.Saikanth ,
    I am thinking about joining an institute in hyd for GS coaching. As you have taken coaching from RC reddy study circle , can you please tell me your review of it for various subjects ? especially for core topics like history, geography , polity and economy ?
    If you think its not upto mark or is mostly useless , then could you please give your vieww on what you know( or have heard ) about coaching scenario for GS in hyd ?
    Thank you for your time .


  13. I want to join some coaching for maths optional. Should i join IMS@MATHS at delhi or somewhere else..was ur coaching institute good ?? Though, i have already decided but still asking that i have studied maths only upto class 12th. I have immense interest in this subject.and i was very good in this subject too. Will i be able to study gs coaching and maths coaching at a time.. please reply asap…


  14. Children are engaged in a lot of preparations like they are looking for articles. And many of your knowledge has been written in your post. Thank you very much for writing such a post so that the new student is taking forward your education. Upsc physics coaching


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