This is C M Saikanth Varma and I’m fortunate enough to secure an all India rank of 18 in the Civil Services Examination, 2014 in my very first attempt. My hometown is Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, but I did most of my schooling in Hyderabad. My optional was Mathematics.

I graduated with a Dual Degree (BTech + MTech) in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Madras in 2011. After graduation, I worked for a couple of years – one year at Amazon and another at Google, both as a Software Engineer. Then I left my job and started my preparation full time for Civil Services Examination in May 2013.

In this blog you will find my opinions on various issues and other articles related to the Civil Services Examination.


23 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Saikath, Congratulations.
    Can I get the mains test papers and model answers of the ‘most famous test series of Delhi’ from the photostat shops?


  2. Hi anna, am from telugu medium background upto
    my 12th class , now am taking optional mathes along with gs.gs taking some more time to complete now, so should i take optional now or after gs ?suggest me..


  3. hai saikant first of all congratulations to u, i have one doubt regarding insights on india website and i am very new to that i am very confused to see so many secure initiatives i thought that i would do the daily questions regularly will u plz suggest me how i should go forward plz plz pplz


  4. Hello Saikanth Verma
    I will be writing Mains 2015 with Mathematics as optional. I have a graduate degree in Mathematics and thus comfortable with most of the topics.
    however, Physics topics are giving me a tough time. i have zeroed in topics of Paper-I to be done from 10-marker point of view. but still struggling with Paper-II physics portion. Can you please list down the exact topics from this part to be prepared for 10-markers? i have Rigid dynamics [Part-I & II] of Krishna Series and MD Raisinghania’s book for Fluid Dynamics.
    I’ll be indebted to you forever!


    • I recommend you to go through the last 20 years question papers, especially the 10/12 markers, which should give you a fair idea of these topics. Since the questions from physics related chapters repeat, you should be able to answer them in the exam if you cover all these previous years’ questions. All the best.


  5. hello sir,
    I am currently attending GS classes in delhi and done with optional. I have problem staying in delhi because of food and health issues, but at the same time afraid of preparing from home in hyderabad because of fear of loosing pace with preparation ( despite seclusion and peaceful environment at my home). I would like to hear from you about preparation from hyderabad and to keep up motivation while preparing from home.
    I thank you for your time.


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