Here you’ll find links to the posts that I have written exclusively for mains.


6 thoughts on “Mains

  1. Sir plssss…do tell us a way for current affairs and plssss do write a article on news paper reading….how to make notes on news paper…


  2. Hello sir,
    Please help me in opting optional subject between Mathematics and PubAd.
    I want to go with mathematics but I heard PubAd is a scoring subject with respect to mathematics. Is it true?
    But I found mostly toppers are from other optional subjects instead of mathematics.
    This thing push me back.
    So please response my query.


    • AIR 8, 18, 30 and 58 have mathematics as their optional. And I’ve also mentioned in my earlier post on choosing an optional that you should choose an optional only on your interest in the subject. If you perform well all optionals are equally scoring. All the best.

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  3. Sir, I am very much impressed by your noble idea of sharing your talent and guiding other who are really in need. i am aged 48 years now appearing for group I mains examinations which are scheduled to be held on 13 Sept’2016 on wards. In fact this exam is of 2011 group I notification now being held because of reasons best known to you also.Sir, I need your help in regarding essay paper, particularly, the issues on which essays are likely to come. We have three categories of essays: International issues, National issues , Andhra Pradesh current issues, In this regard i need your suggestion for selection of issues in each category.
    “JAI HIND”
    Thanking your Sir,
    D Gandhi


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